Today we woke up early, went to the apple orchard where my very favorite hard cider comes from. We proceeded to drive down to a part of the Appalachian trail where their are many abandoned campsites and a wire suspension bridge that is very bouncy and very high over a rushing river. We played with sticks in the woods and it was lovely.

Mancandy: “Hey! Heeey do you want some tequila?”
Me: “why do you keep asking people that?”
Mancandy: “tequila mockingbird.”

Saturdays feel weird. Mancandy works. I usually spend the morning walking around town with Juniper and when I come home I have no motivation and all I want to do is sip coffee in the park with a good friend. Most every Saturday feels this way.

Out and about to the farmers market, kids consignment shop, and the chocolate shop. Excited to try the rice noodles I bought.